Feature of high-rise building construction technology

Characteristics of high rise building construction technology
(1) high altitude operation. Because the number of building, its height, large quantities, complex technology, high altitude operation, therefore, vertical transportation, high safety, fire prevention, communications, water and construction waste disposal problems have become one of the main characteristics of high-rise building construction.
(2) buried deep foundation. Because of the embedded requirements of the high rise buildings, in order to ensure the stability of the overall construction of high-rise buildings, there should be one to several layers of basement, as the equipment layer and garage, civil air defense, auxiliary room, etc.. Therefore, the buried depth is above 5m.
(3) the workload of high-rise buildings. Because there are a lot of high-rise building units involved, especially in some large and complex high-rise building construction process, is often the design, preparation, construction, which requires multiple departments for effective coordination can obtain excellent results.
(4) long construction period. High rise building construction period is generally about 2 years. The construction period is over winter rain, rain season of construction is inevitable, reasonable to shorten the construction period, must carry on the reasonable arrangement and the arrangement of construction scheme of high-rise building design and construction technology of careful economic analysis.

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