Technical points of steel structure installation

Technical points of steel structure installation
(a) preparatory work
Before the installation of steel structure, to do a good job in the construction organization design, orderly, and should meet the following requirements:
1, the installation sequence from near the gable column brace has two trusses, in the frame after installation should be the purlin, support, knee brace and all improved, and check the verticality. Then the two pieces of rigid frame as a starting point, the other end of the house to the order of installation.
2, frame installation should first post, and then assembled on the ground with good lift in place, and rigid column connection.
3, the degree of tightening of various support in order to force the component will not pull the principle of bending.
4, wall beam purlin and installation, should be promptly set brace and tighten, but should not be purlin and wall beam bending;
(b) installation of wall and roof sandwich panels
In the installation of wall and roof panels, wall beams and purlins to keep straight. Fixed roof panel and wall panel and wall beam purlin connection and screw connection, the center spacing is greater than 300mm. The end of the house and the roof of the end of the screw connection to be encrypted. The overlap of the side panel of the roof panel should be increased, and the screw at the side of the wall panel can be further enlarged than the side edge of the roof panel.
Before the sandwich wall construction and installation, according to the design drawings of construction organization design, organization design and construction site construction personnel; carefully check the dimensions of steel materials, and corresponding drawings, and make timely inspection and acceptance; for component installation of sandwich panel installation accuracy requirements should be carefully verified, and the timely removal of purlin weld coating and spatter during installation, and brushed with antirust paint anticorrosion treatment.
Note that the water board installation. The construction technology of clear water board node in carefully before installation, according to the length of the water board structure in the field cutting line, from the water board to support the installation angle just must use seal glue. The water board trim should be the right direction, firmly, overlapping vertical lines, good waterproof effect.

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