Installation method of steel column

Installation method of steel column
(1) before installing the steel column, the elevation of the F column and the axis should be re examined. It is found that the error exceeds the standard, and it should be corrected immediately. (2) before installation, the steel ladder shall be installed on the steel column on the ground for the purpose of climbing. (3) the steel column when processing plant should be in accordance with the requirements of temporary connection fixed by the ear plate is arranged on the ends of the column, the upper section of steel column on steel columns below the center line section, with temporary fixing and connecting plate bolt. The butt of steel column (of welding), and after acceptance, the ear plate. (4) steel columns generally use two points in place, a little lifting.
Installation method of steel beam and steel truss
(1) must be installed prior to the steel column on the connecting piece or buried parts of concrete core tube wall of pre. Pre content: the connections check flatness, friction surface, bolt holes; for embedded parts check position and flatness, cleanliness. (2) before lifting, handrail rod and beam surface installed in the handrail rope or a handrail pipe, especially the main girder and the main truss must be installed on the beam, or beam can according to need to install handrails, high 1m, arranged along the beam for long long, high altitude workers do channel. (3) steel beam and steel truss are usually installed in two points. (4) the steel beam and steel truss hoisting method is generally composed of binding method, tool type sling method, and steel hanging ear method on the beam.

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