All the materials for the steel structure fabrication

All the materials for the steel structure fabrication
First, the main steel frame (column, beam, crane beam)
Two, steel structure: C purlin, brace, brace, knee brace, horizontal brace and column bracing, anchor bolt
Three, auxiliary:
1, processing auxiliary flux, welding wire, welding rod, three gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide gas, Jin Huoyan), paint, thinners, grit etc..
2, installation accessories: paint, thinners, welding rod, high-strength bolts etc..
3, equipment tools consumables: drill bits, cutting pieces, polished pieces, conductive nozzle, nozzle, coolant, electricity, equipment accessories, etc..
4, labor protection products: helmets, gloves, insulated gloves, insulated shoes, non slip shoes, glasses, overalls, etc..
5, inspection tools: circle ruler, steel ruler, square, corner ruler, welding flaw detector.

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