Structural characteristics of single layer light portal stee

Structural characteristics of single layer light portal steel frame
(1) light weight
The structure of the enclosure is made of pressure type metal plate, glass wool and cold formed thin wall steel. According to the domestic engineering statistics, single light portal frame housing load-bearing structure of the steel consumption is generally 10~30kg/ square meters, in the same span and load under the weight of only about 1/20~1/30. of reinforced concrete structure due to the structure of light weight, the base can be made small, foundation treatment cost is low. At the same time, the seismic response of the structure under the same seismic intensity is small. However, when the wind load is large or the house is high, the wind load may be the control load of the single layer light portal steel frame structure.
(2) high degree of industrialization, short construction period
The main components and accessories for the door type steel structure factory production, easy to ensure the quality of the site, the installation is convenient; in addition to the basic construction, basically no wet work; the connection between the components with high strength bolt connection, quick installation.
(3) high comprehensive economic benefits
The door type steel frame structure usually adopts the computer aided design, the design cycle is short; the raw materials are single; the components are made of advanced automation equipment; the transportation is convenient, etc.. Therefore, the portal frame structure of the project cycle is short, fast return on capital, investment efficiency is relatively high.
(4) column layout is flexible
The traditional reinforced concrete structure due to the roof panel and wall size, spacing is 6 meters, the 12 meters usingwith, set bracket and wall frame column. While the door type steel structure retaining system used metal plate, so the column layout is not affected by the limit of the number, the size of the main column according to the service requirements and the amount of steel, the principle to determine the.

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