The main note in process of steel structure

What should be paid attention to in the process of steel structure
(1) production: steel structure, including lofting, number of materials, cutting, correction and many other links. The friction coefficient of high strength bolts should meet the design requirements.
Make quality inspection qualified after rust removal and coating. General installation of the weld to leave 30 ~ 50mm temporary coating.
(2) welding: welder must pass the examination and obtain a certificate of conformity, and must be within the scope of its examination and approval of the project. Weld seam welding to weld and parts in the process of playing the provisions of welder seal.
The welding material and base material should match, the full penetration of the one or two welding seam should be used ultrasonic flaw detection for internal defect inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection can not judge, the use of ray detection.
The steel, welding material, welding method and so on for the first time used by the construction unit to evaluate the welding process.
(3) transport: the transport of steel parts, according to the length and weight of steel members to choose the vehicle. The fulcrum of the steel member on the vehicle, the length of the two ends and the binding method should ensure that the component does not produce deformation, no damage to the coating.
(4) installation: the installation of steel structure shall be carried out according to the design of the construction organization. The installation procedure shall ensure the stability of the structure and do not cause permanent deformation. When installing the column, the positioning axis of each column must be directly drawn from the ground control axis. Steel column, beam, roof truss and other major components in place, must be immediately corrected, fixed.
The friction surface of the component is processed by the factory, and the anti slip coefficient must be checked before installation.
(5) fire and rust prevention:
1) the fire resistance of steel structure is poor. When the temperature reaches 550 DEG C, the yield strength of the steel is reduced to about 0.7 of the yield strength at normal temperature.
Design should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the fire code, so that the building structure can meet the requirements of the corresponding fire standards. In the time of fire protection standard, the temperature of the steel structure should not exceed the critical temperature, so as to ensure the normal bearing capacity of the structure.
2) exposed steel structures may be severely corroded by the atmosphere, especially the polluted atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to control the surface of the component to ensure the normal use of the steel structure. The method of anticorrosion treatment is decided according to the surface condition and service life of the component.

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