Packaging requirements for steel structures

Packaging requirements for steel structures
The packaging method of steel structure shall be determined by the form of transport and shall meet the packaging requirements of the contract.
1 packaging work should be carried out after the coating is dry, and should pay attention to protect the component coating is not damaged. Packaging shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions of transport.
2 the weight of each package is generally not more than 3~5t, the packaging size is determined according to the cargo capacity. Such as through motor transport, the general length is less than or equal to 12M, individual parts should not exceed 18m, the width is not more than 2.5m, the height is not more than 3.5m. Ultra long and ultra wide. Super high to do special treatment.
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3 packing and strapping should pay attention to dense and compact, in order to reduce the loss of transport, deformation, but also can reduce the cost of transportation.
4 steel structure of the processing surface, shaft hole and thread, should be coated with grease and paste oil paper, or wrapped in plastic sheeting, screw application of maple wood block.
5 some small pieces and parts that are not boxed can be directly tied or bolted to the main parts of the steel member, but they must be fixed, fixed, and not affected by transport and installation.
6 packaging should pay attention to the extension of the connecting plate and other things as far as possible in the inner side, in order to prevent the accident caused by the hook, had to be marked when exposed.
7 after the painting of the components, in the packaging should be used in wood.
8 packing list should be filled in, and to verify the number.

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