Design specification for steel structure factory building

Design specification for steel structure factory building
The design standard of the steel structure industrial plant is based on the structure of the factory building. The design of the factory building is determined according to the needs of the process flow and the production conditions.
Standard workshop design specification
First, the design of industrial plants must carry out the relevant policies and policies of the state, and achieve advanced technology, reasonable economy, safety and application, ensure quality, and meet the requirements of saving energy and environmental protection.
Two, this specification is applicable to the design of industrial buildings that are newly built, rebuilt and expanded, but not for biological clean rooms controlled by bacteria. The provisions of this specification on fire and evacuation and fire protection facilities are not applicable to the design of high level industrial buildings and underground industrial buildings with a height of more than 24 meters.
Three, in the use of the original building for clean technology renovation, industrial plant design must be according to the production process requirements, according to local conditions, different treatment, and make full use of existing technical facilities.
Four, industrial workshop design should create necessary conditions for construction, installation, maintenance, management, testing and safe operation.
Five, industrial workshop design should be carried out in accordance with this specification, and it should conform to the relevant requirements of the current national standards and specifications.
Six, the industrial plant is an independent building (workshop), and an independent building (dormitory), the distance between two buildings is 10 meters, not less than 5 meters, in order to eliminate the acceptance of the acceptance. The proportion of building area to building area is 1:3.
Design standard for steel structure workshop
In order to achieve the standardization and serialization of the geometric size of the main parts and fittings of the steel structure workshop, and to facilitate the industrial production, the standard is specially formulated.
This standard applies to:
First, design assembly or partial assembly of reinforced concrete structure and mixed structure workshop.
Two, compile the standard design atlas of plant building parts and components.
Note: (1) the design of the steel structure workshop, the modified (expanded) building, the cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure workshop, the workshop with special requirements for the factory building or the technical and economic production of a significant and unreasonable Workshop on the basis of this standard, can not carry out some regulations of this standard; secondly, new technology and new structure are adopted. The workshop with new materials can not be restricted by certain provisions of this standard.
In a construction site, when determining the design plan of each workshop, it is necessary to make the types of components and components unified.
On the basis of technology and economy, the shape of the workshop should be simple and avoid the height difference between the vertical and horizontal span and the multi span workshop.
When drawing up the standard design atlas of factory building parts and components, the same parts and components should be used to maximize the interchangeability.
In addition to the relevant provisions of this standard, the plant building design shall also comply with the relevant national standards.

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