The composition of a Single-floor industrial workshop

The composition of a Single-floor industrial workshop
                                      ----The Analysis of Eiffel Steel Structure

Generally it can be divided into two types, Wall load-bearing structure and Skeleton load-bearing structure.
Wall load-bearing structure is made by bricks or brick column.
Skeleton load-bearing structure is made by reinforced concrete or steel construction.

1. Roof structure. It contains Roof panel, roof truss, Skylight frame and bracket.
2. Crane girder. It puts on the Corbel and bears the weight of crane, maximum lifting weight and brake impact and transfer the loading to pillar.
3. Pillar. It’s the main loading part which bears the roof, crane girder and wind load. And transfer to base.
4. Foundation. It bears the weight of pillar and foundation beam. And transfer to foundation. The foundation is independent basis.
5. Exterior wall maintenance system. It contains outside walls around the workshop, wind resistance column, wall beam and foundation beam.
6. Support system. It contains column bracing and roof support which can strengthen the whole rigidity and stability of workshop frame.

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