How to arrange the wind resistant column

How to arrange the wind resistant column
1, Wind column arrangement spacing is generally 6m, of course, according to the reasonable arrangement of the column column;
2, The general layout of the lateral wind column, and the column position of the main crane car to accept the influence of position, this is mainly to take into account the wind truss layout; for crane beam workshop I think this position can be adjusted flexibly;
3,The wind column and other components of the system, including a connecting part: the column is generally not articulated, vertical force transfer (oval openings Huoyuan tube), and the level of frame column bracing connection, connection between the spacing is not greater than 6m, and can use knee brace wall beam connection, a general 1.5m, and the wind truss corbel lap, from vertical load and horizontal load, of course, when there are two wind truss to wind truss in the vertical force, connection release and roof purlin much by linking beam, commonly known as the carrying pole, unless the internode for good.
4,Above is the most general situation, but also according to the actual situation has changed, such as some junction need to use spring board, etc..

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