To develop steel structure,update high energy structure

To develop steel structure,resolve the  problem of high energy consumption industrial building
With the pace of social development, the new steel structure industry coruscate vitality. Steel structure with its unique seismic ability, construction speed, economic and practical advantages and meet the requirements of green environmental performance and a large number of applications in the national industrial building. Along with the resident population and the floating population increased rapidly, the development of China's low energy building residential and industrial buildings imminent.
China's industrial construction industry has been faced with three major problems: the initial planning unreasonable blind demolition; the quality of industrial construction itself; building itself sustainable problems. It is well known that energy saving, water saving, material saving and land saving are very important in industrial buildings. It is not only related to the problem of industrial energy consumption, but also related to the rational use of limited resources on earth.
At present, our country strongly advocated the development of energy saving building pace has become increasingly tight. The steel structure has the advantages of light weight, strong seismic ability, the material can be recycled 100%, truly green pollution-free; steel structure with high efficiency and energy saving wall, can reach 50% of the energy-saving standards; based on small area reduced mountains digging consume a large amount of land and energy; steel structure of dry construction industrialized manufacture of water saving, large power, the input of human resource and so on. Steel structure is a series of advantages of modern industrial architecture choice, especially for Chinese population, the present use of the land area is less, the use of steel structure is the most suitable benefit.
Our country is the high energy consumption construction user, should develop the low energy consumption steel structure building vigorously. The development of steel structure is a good way to solve the high energy consumption industrial building in China.

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