Features of Steel Structure Workshop

Features of Steel Structure Workshop

With the development of society and steel production, steel structure workshop has seen a rapid development too, uch as steel exploiting, calculate improving and new system applying.

The structure of single-floor industrial workshop made up by flat bearing structures. External load supported by flat bearing structure, and longitudinal horizontal load supported by brace. There are all kinds of flat bearing structure, for instance portal frame and bent frame.

Steel Structure Workshop is the third generation architecture. It applies H type steel, thin-walled cold bending C&Z steel or architecture frame. Roof and wall apply color layer profiled sheet or sandwich color plate. It replaced traditional reinforced concrete architecture in developed countries.

Widely used in single-floor industrial workshop, warehouse, commercial and office building, multi-layer parking lot and private home.

Steel Structure Workshop has the following features compare with traditional one.

1. High strength 

2. Lower self-gravity which can reduce costs

3. Safe structure

4. High degree of industrialization which can shorten the produce period

5. Not fade and rust which form a good appearance.

6. Recombine& reuse

7. Great toughness and flexibility which can improve its seismic resistance and stability.


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