High tensile prefab light steel framing structures for house

The  components of stud, side purlins,baces prefabricated in our factory and assembled
according to the full set of architecture drawings.

The light steel framing used in the building is

1.Aluminium/Zinc  galvanized coated for longer corrosion-resistant performance than common
Zinc HDG coated steel;

2.Eligable high tentile strength by the scentifit configuation in the advanced CAD/3D software;

3.Prefabricated in our workshop including made-to-measure cold forming,precise punching;

4.Easiled and fast assembled on the site just via simple tools rather than heavy-duty machinery 
cranes,concere mixers,and water supply;

5.supplied together with matching and sufficient connectors and fasteners;

6.competent to withstand the Degree 9 seismic indensity,Grade 12 strong wind and keep integrity.

the Drywall type saves work and time, weather proof.

The light steel framework enclosed into the orientation stranded boards.

Wall wrap gives  the light steel framed house guard from moisture invasion.

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