Some factors affecting price of steel structure building

Some factors affecting price of steel structure building
The design drawings directly determine the number of materials used in this project, so the construction drawings must be rationalized. Let's take a look at the details.
1. basic design:
The base cost is about 25% of the total construction period of the factory, and the base cost is 15% of the total cost of the steel structure factory building. In the design, we should pay attention to the geological report of the workshop, choose the reasonable foundation type, control the load and depth of the foundation, and play a positive role in the total cost of the steel structure workshop.
2. steel beam design:
Rectangular cross section beams are the most common flexural members, which are often used in design, but the utilization of materials is very low. One is that the stress of the material near the neutral axis is lower, and the two is that the bending moment of the beam is changed along the length of the beam. Due to the low stress in most section of the equal section beam, the material can not be used very well. Only when the axis is stressed, the material utilization rate can be improved. Therefore, when designing, the plane truss can be used instead of the rectangular beam. The plane truss is equivalent to the hollow beam, so that the extra materials in the beam can be removed, so that the economy is both economical and self weight. It can also be developed into space grid, and the utilization rate of material can be greatly improved.
The 3. column design:
Column layout is to determine the span and column spacing, the process requirements allow, try to choose the door frame is small span. In general, the optimal spacing of portal frame is 6m - 9m, when a large tonnage crane, the column is 7m 9m, not more than 9m, more than 9m, roofing purline, crane beam and wall frame system of steel consumption will increase accordingly, the cost is not economic. The column layout is reasonable on the cost of steel structure has great influence.

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