Roof structure design of steel structure engineering

Roof structure design of steel structure engineering
1) of steel structure engineering steel purlin roof, roof pitch with 6m, individual cases have used 9m or 12m.
2) the purlin system of steel structure engineering, when using corrugated plate, imbrex, wave tile, roofing, roof truss spacing with 6m: plates, roof spacing by using 10-20m as well, this should be the roof support system is arranged in the first plane;
3) the structure of the roof should be as uniform as possible to reduce the number of the installation parts.
4) the cliff rack and bracket are usually truss type. When some conditions are limited, such as the rigid frame structure or clearance requirements, torsion resistance requirements, etc., the solid belly structure can be adopted, and the wiping bar is generally solid belly or castellated beam.
5) according to the actual needs, the installation, maintenance of the crane or other equipment can be considered in the one or two roof frames in the steel structure workshop.
6) the quality of the steel should be strictly controlled, with a steel general in order to facilitate the ordering and construction, degrading components, specifications of steel should not too much.
7) the layout of roof support should ensure the stiffness and stability during the construction and operation of steel structures, meet the requirements of operation, and transmit wind or seismic loads and other horizontal loads.
8) the design of the roof structure should consider the construction requirements, make it convenient for construction, speed up the progress, reduce the cost of construction, such as:
(1) make full use of the hoisting equipment and consider the overall hoisting as far as possible.
(2) reduce the high altitude welding as far as possible.
(3) in order to ensure the stiffness required for hoisting, the height of the roof should not be too high, and the length and length of the string outside the plane should not be too large.
(4) all kinds of installation joint should be convenient for construction.
9) when the roof truss is connected with the bracket (beam), the brackets (beams) should be torsional as far as possible in the design, and the measures of Hangzhou and torsion should be taken on the structure.
10) the strength and stability of the roof structure in the operation and installation, the general adoption of temporary reinforcement measures to be solved, the design will not be checked.

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