Introduction of container house

Introduction of container house
1) a light steel structure system is used in the building of the container house, and the wall is covered with a composite EPS insulation wallboard. All panels and accessories can be folded up, and the installation is simple, suitable for a large number of long-distance transport and export shipping.
2) the roof, the floor, the circuit system complete factory prefabrication, make the site installation convenient and quick, shorten the time interval from building to the use.
3) the steel structure system makes the house have the ability to resist the wind speed of 120km/h, and the lightweight structure makes the building exhibit good integrity when it meets the earthquake disaster which is 8 degrees above the earthquake intensity.
4) the house can be transported as a whole and can also be compressed and packed.
5) the field base production is small and can be used after being transported to the site.
6) the container house can be used for recycling, and it can be used for a long time for 20 years, and no construction waste is produced in the process of use.
7) the roof is designed with waterproof structure to enhance the air tightness and tightness of the house.
8) Before delivery container house , you can choose with canopy decorative accessories etc.,according to the actual application.

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