How to distinguish the quality of the container house?

How to distinguish the quality of the container house?
Container houses are more and more used in construction, office, business and other fields. If we want to have a comfortable and safe environment, the quality of container houses can't be ignored. Where can we distinguish the quality of container houses?
The main material of container house is  the channel steel of the frame and  the sandwich panel of wall smallpox. The quality of these two materials will directly affect the quality of the container mobile room. The difference of channel steel is mainly manifested in the difference of channel steel thickness. Some manufacturers sell different containers, though the surface is not very different, but the thickness of channel steel is different, so the container's bearing degree is different. Some containers can be stacked three stories, which can withstand greater pressure, while some people can only stack two containers, which can not withstand the pressure brought by three layers.
If the thickness of the channel steel is not enough, it is easy to bend when the pressure is accepted, and the resident container will be deformed and affect the service life. Such container rooms can't see any changes in a short time, but after a long time, it is easy to present problems such as deformation and collapse, which may jeopardize the safety of people in container rooms. Therefore, the choice of channel for live container should be regulated. It is not necessary to save less money and use less than standard channel steel, which will lead to various problems.

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