Big Advantage of Light Steel Structure Construction

Big Advantage of Light Steel Structure Construction

Long-term durability. The main structure is made of 1.2 mm thick car shell with steel plate. Double coated aluminum and zinc, rust protection performance is good, high strength, excellent durability. Experimental results confirmed that the super durable performance of light steel structure main body can reach more than 100.

Light steel structure building, the overall good rigidity, high strength, light weight, deformation ability. Gravity is only 1 of 5 of the brick structure, building aseismic performance is more than 2 times of brick structure, and can resist hurricane of 70 m/s, make the life and property can get effective protection.

The construction speed, short cycle, high efficiency, not influenced by season, all-weather construction, the construction period is only 2 months.

All factory production can be realized. Light steel structure residential implementation residential completely factory production, in combination of the construction site installation, both reduce the construction intensity, and improve the efficiency of construction and engineering quality. Construction, to build community environment to build houses, china steel workshop manufacturer and can completely according to the design and manufacture of residential buyers demand. Among them, the interior can also through the integral design, a complete.

This kind of light steel structure housing from the point of view of comprehensive cost, not only has the very good price performance ratio, and has the advantages of frame structure cannot be compared.

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