300 thousand light steel villas will be built in two months.

With the improvement of our living conditions and the migration of the times, we should also catch up with the fast train of development and keep up with the pace of the times. Sand mining is prohibited in the country, red brick production is prohibited, and the closing of a large number of cement plants has seen that traditional building has slowly withdrawn from the stage, and a new era of assembly is coming. Today, we share the construction process of a Guangdong light steel villa case. It only takes one month to complete the main body and two months to move in.
300 thousand light steel villas will be built in two months.
Light steel villas are more environmentally friendly, with zero pollution in the whole process of operation, reducing construction waste, greatly reducing the construction period, and reducing labor costs. A light steel villa of two to three hundred square meters can be occupied within two months of the construction period. How can we stop fire?
Advantages of light steel villa:
1. The comprehensive cost is low. Because the material can be cut to the required length in advance, the waste is greatly reduced. In addition, the scrap of steel can also be sold, which greatly reduces the waste. The foundation treatment is simple and applicable to a wide range of geological conditions, and the cost of the foundation is 50% less than that of traditional buildings. The reasonable wall thickness makes the room acquisition rate of users about 8% higher than that of ordinary current buildings. Because of the fast construction, the turnover period of funds is shortened, the flow rate of funds is accelerated, and the cost is reduced accordingly.
2. Fast construction. The profiles of light steel structure residence are mass produced in the factory, and the skeleton is assembled in the factory and assembled on site. The 2-storey building with an area of about 200 square meters takes about 45 days to move in, greatly shortening the construction period.
3. Good safety. The self weight of light steel structure residence is light, and the weight of its structure is only 1/5 of that of the traditional brick concrete structure building, which greatly reduces the earthquake load and has high safety. In addition, high-strength screws and bolts are used to connect and fix the skeleton and frame, so the installation is scientific and fast. At the same time, structural calculation shall be made for each building during design, and the foundation and overall structure of the building shall be designed based on structural calculation. Structural calculation is the crystallization of experiments and practices in the United States and Japan, with patent technology rights and national recognition certificates.
Fire and insect prevention. The steel is incombustible and protected by deep galvanizing, which can prevent corrosion and termite invasion. It is earthquake resistant, storm proof and has strong characteristics.
Light steel villa is a kind of technology originated from the United States. It has been developed for decades in developed countries and is very safe. The seismic performance meets Grade 8; It can withstand a typhoon of level 12; The fire resistance limit of the building shall meet the design standard of 2.5H. Permanent buildings, high wear-resistant galvanized anti-corrosion coating to ensure structural safety for 70 years

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