Build 100 flat light steel villa price is how much money

Build 100 flat light steel villa price is how much money
The cost of the light steel villa is related to the material selection, span, shape, interior degree and so on. Generally speaking, the price of the above part of the foundation is 1500 yuan per square meter, calculated according to the building area. Specific according to the drawings to design a quotation. Eiffel light steel villa cost in 1100-1600 yuan/square, including general decoration in 1800 yuan /-2000 yuan/square, at the same time set heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, seismic and other superior performance in one, the construction from the contract to the completion of the installation can be completed in one month at the fastest.
Medium light steel villa cost in 2500 yuan per square meter, low grade in 1500 yuan per square meter, the cost can be lower, but out of the villa is not the effect of the villa, the first choice of reinforced concrete structure. Steel structure of the villa cost is lower than concrete, construction period can be faster.
The price is generally 1100~1600 about a square meter. The price is related to your specific requirements, housing size, storey height, span, exterior wall decoration materials, interior decoration and construction environment. We need to further communicate with the manufacturer. The more detailed the drawing requirements, the more specific the cost. If the price of light steel villa is calculated according to the cheapest 1100 yuan/square meter, 100 flat one layer light steel villa is only about 110 thousand, it is still very cost-effective, of course, it is relatively simple, the general people to build a house or want to do better look better quality, you need to add money to do some other. The wind and earthquake resistance of light steel villa is relatively good.
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