It is good to build a light steel villa or brick

It is good to build a light steel villa or brick
The seismic performance of light steel structures is far better than that of traditional concrete and brick houses. At the same time, due to the light weight of the structure of light steel structure, the weight per unit area is only equivalent to the same area of the weight of brick and concrete structure, so its foundation treatment is simple, suitable for most geological conditions. Steel homes no longer have the same termite concerns as wood homes. Because the steel materials used in the structure are processed by factories, the structural accuracy of the light steel structure villa is quite high. The structural system of a villa is composed of tens of thousands of components, and the average error of each component is less than 2 mm, which ensures the quality of the house, which is impossible to achieve by traditional construction methods. It has the following four characteristics: 1. Stable structure; 2, low cost; 3, the span of light steel structure villa interior space is larger than the span of concrete building; 4, the construction period is short, much faster than conventional construction. Advantages and disadvantages of brick and concrete building: brick and concrete structure is widely used in China in recent years due to its easy availability of materials, low cost, convenient construction, and strong durability. In fact, brick and wood structure, wood structure, steel structure, light steel structure, pure masonry structure or the use of other light body heat insulation materials and other materials of mixed structure can be built villas, but the use of other structures mentioned above to build villas is relatively rare in current China.
Light steel villa belongs to the product of modern prefabricated building, brick and concrete structure villa belongs to the traditional construction way, so light steel villa will become the mainstream building in the future? Can it replace the traditional brick and concrete structure of housing?
Compared with brick and concrete structure housing, light steel villa has many advantages, and light steel villa construction system is easy to complete intelligent design, industrial production and standardized construction, and the supporting wall materials can use new energy saving and environmental protection materials, as a new material of green environmental protection, the country is also strongly supported.
At present, it can not completely replace brick and concrete villa, but with the development of the industry and technological progress, light steel villa will promote the rapid development of housing industrialization, gradually replace the traditional brick and concrete structure housing.
1. From the perspective of the stability of the villa, the brick and concrete structure is better than the light steel villa structure. The main structure of the light steel villa is made of shaped steel. The overall stability of the building is not very good, and it is easy to shake, but the brick and concrete structure of the house almost no shaking. Therefore, this issue must be considered before choosing a light steel villa.
2. From the perspective of earthquake resistance, light steel structure villa is better than brick and concrete structure villa. Because the light steel villa is made of section steel, most of them are specially welded or bolted, so it has a certain flexibility and better seismic effect, and now the houses with higher seismic performance basically do not use brick and concrete structure.
3. From the perspective of indoor room layout, light steel villa is better than brick and concrete structure villa. In the early stage of the light steel villa only manufacturing main body frame, the wall can use the light steel keel, the wall surface can be used to cement pressure plate, can be flexible layout design interior rooms, but the early brick structure to design good rooms, and design all the location and type of the wall, to a certain extent will limit the layout of the room.
4. From the construction period of the house, the light steel villa is better than the brick and concrete structure villa. Brick and concrete structure from the beginning of the foundation construction to the completion of the final decoration, basically needs about a year, the fastest is seven or eight months. If the light steel villa, in addition to the foundation stage is slower, the other construction period is very fast, from the foundation to the decoration, basically four or five months can be completed.
5. In terms of cost, light steel villa is better than brick and concrete structure. If including decoration, the cost of light steel villa per square meter is about 2000 yuan, 100 square meters is about 200,000 yuan. Brick and concrete structure of the villa, the cost per square meter may be more than 3,500 yuan, 100 square meters will be more than 350,000 yuan. But the specific price is subject to the actual local price.

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