How about the quality of light steel villa?

Personally, I think the quality of the light steel villa is very good. It is a new type of villa. It is a house built by using steel structure like building blocks for children to play with. Although it has been built Cheng is simple, 
but it is higher than the traditional villas in some aspects.
The light steel villa is of excellent quality and has excellent performance, such as seismic resistance and wind resistance. Durability, long service life, thermal insulation, in cold winter
The room is warm. In addition, the sound insulation effect is also relatively good. Even if the music of the square dance is played very loudly, it can hardly be heard in the room.
Don't worry about the quality of the light steel villa. Its quality is very high, and it is more durable than the concrete villa. The service life 
of light steel villa can reach more than 100 years, and It can resist typhoon of magnitude 11. Compared with concrete 
houses, light steel villas can resist dampness and earthquake.
Compared with the reinforced concrete residence of the light steel villa, the light steel structure can be used in the future, but the concrete cannot be recycled. In the 
future, it must be a building wave that causes environmental pressure Fees. It leads to indoor moisture and humidity, which is not conducive to human health. However, the light steel structure does not need concrete at all, so there is no such problem. The impact performance of light 

steel villa is very good OK. Because the earthquake activity is left 
and right, up and down, the light steel structure connected with the screw forms a safe and stable box. So the quality of light steel villa is very reliable.

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