What are the advantages of light steel villa?

The light steel villa built in strict accordance with the construction specifications still has good performance, as follows:
1. The service life of the light steel villa is long, and it is reported that the later maintenance is good, and it can reach 70 years. In terms of its steel structure, its light steel members are small, but its plate rib structure makes
It has a strong integrity. The galvanized steel makes it have good corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and other properties.
2. The restrictions on building houses are relatively small. As we all know, China is rich and vast, and the terrain is diverse, so the houses built must be adjusted according to a certain geographical environment, otherwise the quality of the houses will be safe
However, as for light steel villas, the overall weight of the houses is light and the gravity of the land is small. Therefore, generally avoid the areas where the houses cannot be built seriously, and the construction of the houses is basically not complete
The problem is that its construction is not restricted by the geographical environment.
3. The building structure of light steel villa houses with good wind resistance and seismic resistance is a plate rib structure, which can produce skin effect and transform the gravity and wind force of load in one place into the whole house
Then the strength of natural disasters can be weakened, so that it has good performance of wind and earthquake resistance. It is learned that light steel villas can resist earthquakes of magnitude 8 and typhoons of magnitude 13 in principle
4. From design to construction, the light steel villa conforms to the requirements of architectural design and construction specifications, and is particularly solid. When an earthquake occurs, it will be accompanied by up and down or left and right vibrations
The light steel structure connected by fasteners forms a stable box-like structure, which will not cause the floor to fall or the wall to collapse due to the shaking of the ground, and can effectively protect the residents
Personal and property safety shows how safe and secure the light steel villa is.
5. Generally, the thickness of the exterior wall of the light steel villa is 17-20cm, and the thickness of the interior wall is 11-13cm. It is also filled with glass fiber cotton. Although it is relatively thin, you may think that
Although the sound insulation effect is not good, in fact, the sound insulation exterior wall of the light steel villa is 59 dB and the interior wall is 44 dB. The sound insulation effect is quite good. Most importantly, light steel villas can
There is no problem with normal use for more than 70 years, and it can also guarantee after-sales service. There are professional personnel to connect with the maintenance of the house in the later stage, and there is no worries at all.
6. The traditional brick-concrete structure takes 30 to 40 years to dry completely, and it is easy to cause indoor humidity and humidity, which is not conducive to human health. But light steel
The villa is different. It can't use concrete at all, so it doesn't have this problem. Moreover, the light steel villa will also use 1.5mm waterproof coiled material and waterproof coating, which has good waterproof performance
Water effect.
7. Light steel villas are mainly composed of steel structures, and many people have such concerns that steel, iron and other metal categories are easy to rust. Actually, it is not
The service life is more than 70 years. This is also due to a kind of anti-rust coating, that is, aluminum-zinc coating. Both the light steel keel and the screws connecting the keel are sprayed with this anti-rust coating. Make light
Steel villas are difficult to be oxidized by air, and are very durable.

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