What are the components of a light steel villa?

① The foundation of a light steel villa. As for the foundation of light steel villas, it is mainly used to install the foundation of light steel villa profiles, so the foundation commonly used for light steel villas is a strip foundation.
The specific foundation type is generally calculated based on the structural forces of light steel villas. For example, when we build our own house, we can adopt a reinforced concrete cushion cap foundation, or
It is achieved by adopting a reinforced concrete foundation.
② The main structure of the light steel villa. The main structure of a light steel villa is actually very simple, which is the profile of a steel structure. For example, the commonly used steel at present is actually H-shaped steel
C type steel or some other type of steel structure. The connection method is generally bolted connection. The main structure includes the columns and beams of the light steel villa.
③ Decoration of light steel villa. The decoration of a light steel villa actually includes walls. Because most light steel villas now have two types of walls. The first type is
Currently, it is common to use lightweight walls made of plates, which generally use lightweight steel joists, and then install cement pressure plates or other plates on the surface. also
Another way is to build lightweight materials. For example, it is achieved by laying hollow bricks. For surface decoration, conventional decoration methods shall be followed to complete.

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