Is the quality of light steel villas reliable?

First, since the birth and development of light steel villas, light steel structure buildings have become popular throughout the country, and their technology has become mature. Many people are also beginning to learn and understand some of the professional knowledge of light steel villas. The advantages of light steel villas such as earthquake resistance, water and moisture resistance, and typhoon resistance are also the reasons why most people choose them now. Light steel villas can do these things. Guess what about the quality of light steel villas?
Secondly, from design to construction, the light steel villa conforms to the requirements of architectural design and construction specifications, and is particularly solid. In the event of an earthquake, it will be accompanied by vibrations up and down or left and right. The light steel structure connected by fasteners forms a stable box shape, which will not cause the floor to fall or the wall to collapse due to the shaking of the ground. This can effectively protect the personal and property safety of residents, which shows how safe and secure the light steel villa is.
Third, generally speaking, the thickness of the exterior wall of a light steel villa is 17-20cm, and the thickness of the interior wall is 11-13cm. Glass fiber cotton is also used to fill it. Although the thickness of the brick and concrete is relatively thin, it may be thought that the sound insulation effect is not good, in fact, the sound insulation exterior wall of a light steel villa is 59dB, and the interior wall is 44dB. The sound insulation effect is already quite good. The most important thing is that there is no problem with the normal use of light steel villas for more than 70 years, and they can also ensure after-sales service. There are professional personnel who are responsible for the maintenance of the later stage houses, without any worries at all.
Fourth, traditional brick concrete structures take 30 to 40 years to completely dry, which is also prone to indoor humidity and humidity, which is actually not conducive to human health. However, light steel villas are different, as they do not use concrete at all, so there is no such problem. Moreover, light steel villas also use 1.5mm waterproof coiled materials and waterproof coatings, which have a relatively good waterproof effect.
Fifth, light steel villas are mainly composed of steel structures, and many people have such concerns that metal categories such as steel and iron can easily rust. Actually, the service life of light steel villas is over 70 years. This is also due to an anti rust coating, which is aluminum zinc plating. Whether it is a light steel keel or a screw connecting the keel, it is sprayed with this anti rust coating. It makes light steel villas difficult to be oxidized by air, making them very durable.
Sixth, light steel multi ribbed solid wall structure. The main material of the wall is a modified gypsum base. (Core technology and outstanding advantages)
Seventh, on the premise of ensuring quality, the worst is about 1500/square meter. (Because it's necessary to do bridge breaking, as well as sound insulation and waterproofing, it's certainly cheaper without these.)
Eighth, cold-formed thin-walled light steel, hot-dip galvanized treatment, wall 1.8, American C+C. floor 2.0, American C+U. (Cheap goods use 0.8, the coating is very thin, not to mention American or other structural methods, can only be said to be copycat.)
Ninth, very beautiful, very delicate. (Cheap goods are all made of wool and semi-finished products, and the money that should be spent in the end still needs to be spent.)

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