What is the difference between light steel villas and heavy

In recent years, the steel structure construction industry has developed rapidly. Not only are there more and more people building steel structure villas in urban and rural areas, but there are also many professional construction teams working on steel structures. We know that steel structure villas can be divided into light and heavy ones, so what is the difference between the two? Is it better to choose light steel villas or heavy steel villas for rural housing construction? Let's take a look together.
1. Comparison of main structural materials of the house
The light steel villa is made of hot-dip aluminum zinc steel plate as the building skeleton, with a conventional thickness of 0.8mm-1.2mm. This type of skeleton has good anti-corrosion performance and long service life.
Chongqing Steel Villa uses international Q235 hot-rolled H-beam steel 250 * 125 * 6 * 9 to construct the main frame of the villa, which has stronger load-bearing capacity.
Summary: The steel used in heavy steel villas and light steel villas is different in terms of specifications and quantity.
2. Different rust prevention capabilities
Light steel villas: Generally, they use self tapping screws, do not use welding technology, and do not harm the zinc film, which greatly improves the rust resistance of the building, protects the main structure well, and can even be used for hundreds of years.
Chongqing Steel Villa: The columns and beams are organized using international grade 10.9 high-strength bolts, without welding. The steel factory performs shot blasting, hot-dip galvanizing for corrosion prevention, or adopts spray painting technology. Spray painting is a anti-corrosion process of one primer and two topcoats, using the method of spraying the topcoat and anti rust film.
Summary: The rust prevention process of light steel villas and heavy steel villas is different, and generally speaking, the rust prevention ability of light steel villas is better.
3. The house has excellent seismic and wind resistance performance
Light steel villa: Physically connected with Dacromet screws and structural fasteners, the foundation and main body adopt anti uplift and wind resistant design, making the entire building truly form a whole, with excellent wind and seismic performance.
Chongqing Steel Villa: The main structure is tightly integrated with the foundation through L-shaped embedded parts, forming a unified whole. In addition, the characteristics of the steel itself make it suitable for areas with an earthquake magnitude of 8 or above, and the wind resistance level is 12.
Summary: Both light steel villas and heavy steel villas have good seismic and wind resistance performance, and generally speaking, heavy steel villas are better.
4. There are also differences in construction difficulty
If you choose a light steel villa, there is no need to use additional large tools during construction, which not only reduces the difficulty of construction workers but also saves construction costs. The construction process of a heavy steel villa is even more difficult.
5. There is also a significant difference in construction costs
From a cost perspective, light steel villas have lower costs and faster construction speeds during the construction process. Heavy steel villas not only have a long construction cycle, but also require the use of additional professional tools for construction. Moreover, although the front light steel villas are made of lightweight materials, their structure is sturdy, with excellent seismic and wind resistance, and can also meet the multifunctional needs of users. Heavy steel villas have high costs and high requirements for construction workers and materials. At the same time, the wall functions are more diverse, with good noise resistance and sound insulation effects, and stronger load-bearing capacity.
In summary, in general, using light steel to build a house is sufficient. If the span is relatively large, heavy steel can be used to build a villa.

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