Precautions for building a light steel villa

The walls of light steel villas mainly consist of wall frame columns, strong wall top beams, wall bottom beams, wall supports, wall panels, and connectors.
You can seek help from professional builders. Designers first design and draw drawings, and then arrange construction personnel to build according to the content of the drawings, so that the house can be built better.
1. Embedded installation plate (keel): parallel to the gypsum board direction, can accept a weight of 50kg, suitable for hanging cupboards, small radiators, and stair handrails, etc
2. Using drywall anchoring screws or aircraft expansion bolts: A weight of 35kg can be accepted parallel to the direction of the gypsum board, and it is not suitable to hang items such as cupboards, as their weight often changes and may be overweight
3. Embedded wooden blocks: can accept a weight of 75kg parallel to the gypsum board direction, suitable for hanging heavy equipment such as sanitary ware
To popularize, walking on the floor of a light steel villa feels like it is actually the same as a traditional house. Due to the laying of a layer of cement on the floor, the weight bearing capacity of each distance is calculated during the planning of light steel houses
The width and height of the house will be carefully calculated, so the light steel house will not experience vibrations or other phenomena when stepped on. Through practice and calculation, it can be concluded that the load-bearing capacity of a light steel villa per square meter is:
350-400 kilograms per square meter, there won't be much movement for ordinary people walking onto houses.

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