The process of building a light steel villa?

The first step in building a light steel villa is to pay attention to the selection of construction units. Nowadays, there are many companies that are establishing light steel villas, and there are significant differences in pricing. So we need to choose units with solid materials and rich experience. One point of confidence
The price is a fraction of the price. Nowadays, many companies quote low prices and there are many hidden costs (such as information shipping, technical consulting fees, main raw materials, excluding water and electricity, and doors and windows). Attention should be paid to the construction process of light steel villas
What are the following aspects?
1. Topographic survey design drawings. Design appropriate housing drawings based on different terrains and local conditions, fully utilizing natural environment and terrain factors, while bringing comfort to homeowners while avoiding
The waste of resources has led to the construction of a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.
2. Build the foundation according to the drawings. The requirements for the foundation of light steel structure buildings are lower than those of traditional brick concrete buildings. Light steel structure houses require a flat cement foundation in order to install the light steel structure
3. Factory processing and production. After the design drawings are finalized, the production of light steel structures will begin. The factory operation of the assembly line is standardized and orderly, ensuring product quality and saving production time.
4. Carry out on-site construction according to the drawings. Transport the villa materials to the construction site and install them on the already prepared foundation. The installation of light steel structure houses is like building blocks, and each part is carried out according to the design drawings
Assembly and construction, convenient construction, and short cycle. For example, for a 200 square meter light steel villa, the construction of the main light steel keel structure only takes about one week, and the overall completion time for the roof, walls, and other facilities is about 40 days
Right. After completion, users can prepare furniture and other items to move in according to their own requirements.
5. Do a good job in decoration and decoration. Start decorating and renovating. There are many types of decorative materials available, including various materials and colors. You can freely choose your favorite style.
6. Real view of the villa. After installation, a beautiful light steel villa comes out.

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