Detailed construction process for light steel villas?

Step 1 【 Foundation 】
The self weight of a light steel villa is very light, less than one-third of the weight of a brick concrete structure house, so the safety requirements for the foundation are relatively low. It can be used without digging very deep for the foundation, but it is different from the foundation of a brick concrete structure house
Similarly, he needs a whole flat piece of cement ground.
Step 2 【 Installation of Light Steel Framework 】
After waterproofing treatment on a flat foundation, install a keel frame. Light steel keel is a double-sided galvanized steel that not only has good toughness and ductility, but also ensures that the house will never collapse in an earthquake. Light Steel Dragon
The spacing between bones is scientifically calculated to ensure the overall safety of the house.
Step 3 【 Wall Installation 】
The walls of light steel villas also need to be installed, unlike traditional houses that require red bricks and concrete. The walls of light steel villas are composed of installed functional boards, which come in many types, commonly used being fireproof and waterproof
Various wall exterior panels for noise prevention, insulation, insulation, and decoration.
Step 4 [Roof Sealing]: Seal the OSB board on the roof, lay asphalt waterproof rolls, and lay asphalt tiles. At this point, the roof has been formed and officially sealed.
Step 5 [External Wall Sealing and Decoration]: Seal the OSB board on the external wall, install one-way breathing paper, seal the calcium silicate board, apply putty powder, and spray real stone paint on the external wall (primer, intermediate coat, real stone paint, surface oil, etc., in a sequential manner)
Step 6 [Indoor Water and Electricity Installation]: Install the indoor circuit system and indoor water system.
Step 7 [Installation of Wall Insulation and Sound Insulation Layer]: Install insulation cotton on the exterior wall, partition wall, roof layer, and floor layer. Install 10 cm insulation cotton in these areas (to provide sound insulation and insulation).
Step 8 [Sealing the Indoor Blank Board]: After completing the wall insulation, the indoor blank board (calcium silicate board) will be sealed before proceeding with the next step of indoor decoration work.
Step 9 [Door and Window Installation]: Install all window frames and glass, install entrance and back doors, balcony doors, etc. Next, prepare for interior decoration work.
The above 9 steps are the construction process of light steel villas.

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