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Shijiazhuang Eiffel Steel Structure Co.,Ltd

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Company Introduction

Shijiazhuang Eiffel Steel Structure Co., Ltd. was established on October 20, 2014. It is a professional company that integrates design, production, sales, and service. 

The company is committed to the research and innovation of various energy-saving and environmentally friendly houses and building methods, focusing on the design 

and production of light steel structure houses and containerized houses. The company's main products include light steel villas, light steel farmhouses, landscape houses, 

and other products.

Ecological and environmental protection, our architectural expression: Entering the 21st century, facing the urgent need for environmental problems to be repaired and 

the reality of increasingly depleted resources, 

the current environmental protection policies are being promoted, and the ecological system concept of harmonious coexistence with nature and sustainable development 

has put forward new requirements for the use of building materials and the interpretation of building methods.

Under the call of the era mission of "caring for the earth, everyone has a responsibility", Shijiazhuang Eiffel Steel Structure Co., Ltd. 

has actively advocated prefabricated buildings and jointly built a beautiful home since its establishment. It is committed to the research and innovation of various energy-saving 

and environmentally friendly houses and building methods, deeply digging into the building foundation, integrating the essence of Chinese and foreign architecture, 

focusing on the design, 

processing and construction of light steel structure houses and containerized houses, adhering to the design standards of the building system, selecting high-quality 

production materials and processing accessories, 

standardizing the construction process, and controlling quality. 

We will carefully fulfill the demands of homeowners for safety and comfort in our way, express our confidence and determination to defend a livable environment for humanity, 

reduce carbon footprint, and jointly build a beautiful home.

Accompanying You: Our company adheres to the principle of serving the public with integrity. Our products include prefabricated light steel villas, 

light steel farmhouses, 

landscape houses, heavy-duty steel structure processing, etc., which can be applied to residential, tourist attractions, rural villas, manor clubs, sightseeing parks, 

commercial and residential buildings, offices, school classrooms, 

factory buildings, public facilities and other building projects. Welcome customers and friends to call us now, make appointments with designers to discuss ideas and plans, 

visit completed and ongoing projects, 

and we are always waiting for you to come and discuss.